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Sheila St. Amant


Hello, I’m Sheila! I am excited to join this wonderful team of professionals at Be Kind Counseling. I am a seasoned Licensed Independent Mental Health Practitioner and certified Trauma Focused – Cognitive Behavioral Therapist. I received my Bachelor’s Degree from Creighton University and my Master’s Degree from the University of Nebraska at Omaha. I have over 20 years of experience working with children, adolescents, and adults with diverse backgrounds. I utilize a compassionate, mindful, and collaborative approach to counseling to promote healing, hope and resilience. I specialize in treating trauma, ADHD, anxiety, behavioral issues, depression, grief, low self-esteem, and suicidality. When you become a client of mine my top priority is making you feel safe, validated, and heard. I look forward to helping you grow into your best self. I enjoy spending time with my family, gardening, music, serving on the Metro Area Suicide Prevention Committee, and the Blue Bucket Project Board.

Healing yourself is hard work and sometimes needs extra support outside of your internal circle. I am grateful for having over 20 years of experience providing that support for children, teens, and adults. Providing a warm, comforting, and holistic approach in sessions is what I strive to deliver and hope that I can be that extra support that you are needing in your life. Whether you’ve had therapy before or it’s your first time, allow your courageous self to knock down any fears and take the first step into growing into your best self. I look forward to meeting with you and/or your family on your path towards health and healing.

Lisa Lewis


My name is Lisa Lewis and I have 15 years’ experience as a mental health therapist specifically working with children and adolescents in acute care and residential settings. My passion is empowering others and helping them to find their voice in an often wild, and unpredictable world. My approach is direct but compassionate, with the firm belief that we are all capable of changes that may seem impossible at the time. I use Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) and Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy with a person-centered approach to help you develop the skills and strengths to move forward successfully in life. Meeting people where they are is a high priority for me and my goal is to make sure that each time you step into my office, you walk out feeling heard, validated, and empowered to conquer the hard things you are facing.  

I love all things pink and sparkly, and attitude is everything! I am originally from upstate NY and knew at the age of 14, after watching the movie Lean on Me, that I wanted to help kids that were affected by situations beyond their control. Originally, I thought I would do this by becoming a teacher. Then I realized being a therapist would provide an opportunity for me to reach kids in a variety of settings. After graduating from Tennessee Temple University in 2000, I moved to Nebraska, where I met and married my husband. I received my Masters in Counseling from Grace University in 2008. My husband and I own a traditional Korean Martial Arts school and I teach Little Dragons, ages 4-8, all about the importance of staying active, showing respect for their parents and authority figures, and how to defend themselves against bullies. I have a large extended family and enjoy spending time with them, going on road trips, finding cute coffee shops, and meeting new people. Yes, I am an extravert 😊

I look forward to meeting you and helping you learn new and effective ways to navigate through life’s challenges. I have extensive experience working with kids ages 5-18 who struggle with major mental illness; including suicidal thoughts, self-harm behaviors, depression, anxiety, trauma related to abuse and neglect, emotional dysregulation, bullying, poor coping skills, and complicated family systems. I believe support from parents and caregivers is absolutely essential to the success of a child and I enjoy helping families learn to communicate and connect so they can strengthen their connections and grow together for many years to come. #SparklyAlways #ShineOn


When it rains, look for rainbows; when it is dark, look for stars. – Oscar Wilde

Shannon Bolter


Substance Use Specialist

Shannon Bolter serves as the Substance Abuse Specialist for Be Kind’s Substance Abuse program. In this role, she assesses individuals ages 12 and older for possible substance misuse and connects them to life-changing treatment and support.

Shannon has worked with hundreds of families to keep them safely together and prevent out-of-home foster care. Throughout her career, she has gained valuable experience in probational work, in-home family services, supervising an in-home therapeutic team, teaching foster parenting training, building a Substance abuse program that allows for the proper evaluation as well as appropriate treatment. Shannon has extensive knowledge in substance use and is certified in trauma-informed care. Shannon also has experience working in partnership with attorneys, service providers and state workers to ensure children who have experienced abuse and/or neglect have a voice.

Shannon is a licensed alcohol and drug counselor (LADC), an international alcohol and drug counselor (IADC), and is certified in ASI, CASI and SASSI, assessments to gauge substance use severity. She earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a minor in adolescent psychology from the University of Nebraska at Omaha. Shannon is an Omaha native and a proud biological, foster and adoptive mother.

I choose this line of work because over 2 decades ago, I realized the need for child advocacy, and I wanted to do whatever I could to help children feel safe. I absolutely love my role as a Substance Abuse Specialist, I get to be on the prevention and early intervention side of things. When an individual completes a substance use evaluation with me, they are recommended a treatment regimen that best fits their needs. Seeing them find a healthy way of life brings me so much joy and fulfillment.

Chase Ehlers


It’s a good day for a good day!

My name is Chase Ehlers and I have been a Mental Health Practitioner for six years and counting, working both in residential and outpatient care settings. I earned my Bachelors in Psychology from Creighton University in 2011 and a Master’s in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from University of Nebraska – Omaha in 2015.

Most of my experience is working with individuals between the ages of 5 and 30 who have struggled with anxiety, depression, suicidality, self-harming, past trauma, behavioral issues, low self-esteem, lack of motivation, and relationship issues. When in the therapeutic setting, I use an eclectic approach that utilizes a number of different therapeutic modalities that will meet the current needs of the individuals I serve. Some of the different therapeutic modalities that I utilize are: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), Trauma-Focused CBT, Behavioral Modification, Person-Centered Therapy, and Solution Focused Therapy. During my free time, I enjoy spending time with my wife and daughter, as well as other family and friends. I am a great lover of music and sports. I seek adventure in finding new and fun things to do in the community, so if you have any suggestions, I’d love to hear them!

I am looking forward to meeting and gaining the opportunity to work with you and/or your family at Be Kind Counseling!



Choose YOU! Whether you are a teen/young adult finding a place in the world or a parent feeling torn in a million directions, I am here to help you recognize that your needs are important, YOU ARE IMPORTANT! Over 20 years experience as a mental health professional, I would be honored to walk alongside you and tackle this feat of taking charge of your own mental health. I am first and foremost a mom of two teenage children and have felt lost myself at times. However, what you may not realize is that making positive changes in your life will positively affect your children’s lives and/or all significant people in your circle. The ripple effect! The one word that comes to mind when someone embarks on counseling is … EMPOWERED.

I am trained in multiple evidence-based treatments including Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Client-centered, and Family Systems Therapy. I received a Bachelors in Psychology from Creighton University and a Master of Social Work from University of Nebraska at Omaha. I have worked in schools, residential treatment facilities, and outpatient settings.

My specialties include teens/adolescence, anxiety, depression, and obsessive compulsive disorder as well as women’s issues, family and couples counseling. I am particularly passionate about children on the autism spectrum and helping them develop life skills for a fulfilling life.

At Be Kind Counseling, I would love the opportunity to work with you. I believe caring, supportive relationships are the cornerstone of a healing journey. In a world where you can be anything, BE KIND! 


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Throughout life, we all encounter personal struggles and challenges that may be accompanied by emotional pain, negative thoughts, discouragement, unwanted memories, unhealthy behaviors and habits, and a host of other symptoms. When this happens, therapy can serve as a platform to ease your suffering and increase your sense of balance and fulfillment in life.

As a mental health professional with over 30 years of experience, I want to work alongside you to pursue a life that inspires you to become the best version of yourself. I offer a validating and supportive environment that encourages self-exploration and discovery, along with fostering hope, encouragement, and greater self-acceptance.

I work with both adults and adolescents and specialize in treating anxiety, depression, anger, trauma, grief, major life transitions, relationship challenges, and stress. This is done through the use of evidence-based practices including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), and Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) and by incorporating these approaches to meet the needs of each client.

Whatever your reason for seeking therapy, the fact that you are here is evidence of your hope and belief that there is a better path forward. It takes a great deal of courage to take that first step and reach out for help. I honor that courage and would feel privileged to accompany you on your healing journey.

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